Thursday, August 21, 2014
Psalm 23 Ministry Verse 4 of Psalm 23 in the Bible talks about going through the valley of the shadow of death. The word "death" is referring to eternal separation from God. The shadow isn't real for those that know Jesus. It only forecasts the future. But if they take Jesus' hand, He will lead them through the valley and only He can lead them out of that valley!

"So many people in this world are walking alone through that valley and need some hope to hang on to. My situation may not have been what somebody else is experiencing, but there is nothing that the Lord can't handle!

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Over the years, P23 has been involved in different aspects of ministry but the current roles my wife and I play in P23 are missionaries that volunteer support to the pastoral staff of New England churches. I am also a chaplain, visiting inmates in New England jails and prisons.

Our primary purpose is to minister and give hope to the hopeless and the forgotten with the gospel of Jesus Christ! Our heart's desire is to bring glory and honor to Him and see His kingdom advanced.   

The majority of New England people are spiritually lost. On any given weekend less than 3% of the 14.3 million people will attend an evangelical church. In Vermont and Connecticut, it is less than 1%. These percentages total only 429,000 active believers in our six states. This means that 97 out of every 100 people living in New England do not know the Lord Jesus Christ.

Today, I am cured of leukemia and I am blessed to be His servant and share how He has literally given me a brand new life! I love to share what God has done for me! I'm always willing to share how God has changed my life! I'm so thankful to Him for using me to encourage others!

I'm just thankful to be serving Him!

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Against All Odds

Some Testimonials



Alan CarrTom Shuford is a genuine believer. He loves His Lord. Beyond that, he has a wonderful testimony of God’s grace in his life. The story of how God saved him, brought him through a time of serious illness, and of how God has greatly blessed and used him since that time is a life-changing testimony to the grace, power and glory of God.
I highly recommend to you Brother Tom Shuford. Our church has been supporting this ministry for several years, and we are thankful to be a part of what the Lord is doing through Tom.

To hear Tom’s testimony is to experience the power of the Lord’s life-altering touch. The lessons from Tom’s life, and of the grace of God at work in his life, are blessings you do not want to miss.

Dr. Alan Carr -
Calvary Baptist Church - Lenoir, NC