Thursday, August 21, 2014

About Tom

 My situation may not have been what somebody else is experiencing, but there is nothing that the Lord can't handle! If He can cure a disease, cause me to walk again and bring me back from death several times, how much easier can He take care of the situation you're going through!  

I would love to share what God has done for me and am blessed by every opportunity when I'm invited. There is no charge, all that is required is just to ask." 

When Tom was 18 years old he was given only a short time to live. Blood tests revealed that he had a life-threatening disease. It was Leukemia and the doctor said there was no hope!

It was 1984, a time when the medical treatment for leukemia was not as advanced as it is today. And even though there was a life-saving bone marrow transplant, it would cost well over $100,000 just to get started. The money would have to be paid before he could receive treatment, but that wasn't all. An unlikely bone marrow match was also needed and a marrow bank did not yet exist.

His journey was not easy. He did receive the transplant, but during the process he went into a blast crisis and came even closer to death. He found himself totally paralyzed, his lungs were collapsed, he was on life support and later, confined to a wheel chair, for eight years  . . . Tom had been through a battle but he was determined not to lose the war. Years later, he still experiences many complications from his illness but God gives him strength to do what He asks him to do.

“I have a burden to go and tell people what Jesus Christ has done for me and what I know He will do for others when they put their trust in Him. I have never been in prison or a slave to alcohol or drugs but I have something in common with a lot of people. I felt hopeless. But there is good news; hope can be found when you ask the Lord to take control of your life. The hope I have is not just this temporary life but eternal life only found in Him! Now I'm walking, talking, singing and bringing His message of hope to others!”

Today the leukemia is totally cured and the paralysis is gone. Tom shares his evangelistic testimony message wherever God opens a door.

“If I can help and encourage someone else, everything I’ve been through has been worth it all!

Recently, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 of Chronic Kidney disease. I am threatened with kidney failure. Doctors' expect within 2 years, I will be on dialysis. Then the doctor. says my life expectancy is about 3 to 5 more years. But I have news for him. Only God knows when that exact time will be!

In whatever time I have left on this earth, I want to make the most of my time by doing more for the Lord! I'll be glad to share how God has changed my life!

Recently, God has opened doors for me to go into Penobscot County Jail. I thank Him for all the opportunities He gives me to tell others about Him!"

I'm so thankful to Him for using me to encourage others!

Contact Tom to ask him to share how God has worked in his life!