Pastor Sonny Thomas wrote the words below. They inspired me and I pray they do the same for you!

It’s “Memorial Day” weekend, and for many, that means an extra day off and lots of activities. Let’s not forget the sacrifices made by the many men and women of our Armed Forces that paid the price to give us the opportunity to live in such a great land. And use this precious commodity of freedom you should. Shop the flea markets. Canoe the river. Attend a baseball game. Go on a picnic. Live the life freedom provides, but while you are doing it, don’t fail in remembering the One who willingly gave the ultimate sacrifice to secure the greatest freedom mankind can ever know – “the freedom of salvation.’

I encourage you to take time from the recreation and festivities of the weekend and attend church/worship services tomorrow morning. But don’t just attend. Come with hearts of praise for the God who loved you enough to give His Son to set you free. It’s the greatest life you can imagine. I’ll see you in church tomorrow morning.

Pastor Sonny Thomas

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